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REVIEW: Stage Fright

It could have been cheesy and weird  but “Stage Fright” is an absolute delight .The musical  numbers all work and are at times, hilarious.

Minnie Driver opens the movie in a very sexy, provocative scene which doesn’t end well. Meat Loaf stars as the head of a theater camp that becomes the target of a mass killer.  Allie MacDonald , who has done at least 3 other horror flicks, is solid as the ingénue.

Things get VERY  bloody and dark  very quickly. Sometimes musicals get bogged  down by the songs.  This one’s just the opposite. Some of the  numbers are so witty and campy, you can’t wait for more.  And the id of the killer  isn’t  so obvious. 

“Stage Fright” is scary bloody worth  the trip to the theater this weekend.

3 stars


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