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Trial by Media

Trial by Media – Will Zimmerman lose because of bogus media reporting?

Al Sharpton is a guy who has been discredited for false accusations over and over again – from Tawana Brawley to the Duke lacrosse team, and now George Zimmerman. How is he still on the air? And how are hucksters like Sharpton shaping public opinion on Zimmerman? Check out Stu’s rant HERE.

Rumor Check: Did the DOJ facilitate anti-Zimmerman protests?

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the DOJ sent secret ‘peacekeepers’ to Sanford, FL in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death. The documents show the DOJ may have helped organize protests through a new arm of the administration called CRS – Community Relations Service. Get more via TheBlaze.

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Do you think the Muslim Brotherhood is going away quietly?

Events in Egypt are spiraling out-of-control, and you need to understand what is going on. The Muslim Brotherhood waited 84 years to come to power, and right when they were ready to enforce Sharia Law across the country they had their power yanked away in the midst of the largest political demonstrations in history. Do you really think they are going to throw up their hands and say bye-bye? Erick Stakelbeck explains the latest on growing destabilization of the Middle East HERE.

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Huh? Justin Bieber curses out Bill Clinton

Justin Bieber made news this week for bizarre comments he made about former President Bill Clinton. A video has surfaced of Bieber and some of his friends from earlier this year, in which Bieber is seen urinating in a mop bucket while yelling “F**k Bill Clinton!” for no apparent reason. So why do Pat and Stu care about the behavior of a 19-year-old pop star? WATCH

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Texas oil production at highest levels since 1984

In a new report that will surely make President Obama and his fellow environmentalists cringe, we learn oil production in Texas has soared in recent years. If Texas were a country, it would be one of the 15 largest oil producers in the world. We are almost to the point of North American energy independence, and yet all President Obama talks about is climate change. Pat and Stu explain why HERE.

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Pat: ‘I don’t want to hear about science anymore’

Omega 3 fish oil supplements were once considered ‘healthy’, but that general consensus has been turned on its head. Now experts are saying that Omega 3 can increase the risk of cancer by over 70% in some cases. Once again science is reversed (global cooling warnings came before global warming, etc) and this caused Pat to flip out at science. WATCH

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Glenn’s blockbuster novel from 2010 now continues with The Eye of Moloch — a thriller that’s seemingly been ripped right from today’s headlines. Follow Molly and her group of ‘Founders Keepers’ as they work to expose the secrets of a government that wants them dead. If you’re looking for a summer beach read or just something to help you get even less sleep at night, The Eye of Moloch is a perfect choice. Buy a copy now and get an invite to an exclusive online event with Glenn. Get all the details HERE.


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